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Our Partners:

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Learn more about some of our partners providing

medical care, and delivering our period products,

to adolescents in homeless shelters. Together, we

currently support 11 homeless shelters.

Cozen O'Connor Law Firm

Germain E. DeMartinis has

been providing the legal

expertise that enables this

non-profit organization to receive tax-deductible donations. 

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Related Projects:

No More Secrets

This video describes a Menstrual Hub and Uterine

Center in the United States run by No More Secrets.

Grab-n-Flow period sheds.

Read about a new neighborhood initiative.

Related Research:

About one in five girls say that the lack of access to period products has decreased their ability to learn at school.

Nearly all girls need menstrual products at school but only 42% of schools provided them. 

Period poverty is associated with moderate to severe depression.

You can read about the U.S. legal changes needed here.

Some Global Perspectives:

Period. End of Sentence.  

This Academy-Award winning documentary

film examines the menstruation taboo in

rural India.

The PAD Project

The Pad Project’s global efforts strive to educate and empower those who menstruate. 

If you have questions about Girls on the Go, you can email and



Girls on the Go (with Flo) works to end period poverty by providing menstrual products to students who can't otherwise afford to attend school.

No girl should have to miss out on her education.


If you would like to mail a check with a donation, please send it to:

1242 Lafayette Rd,

Gladwyne, PA 19035  USA

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